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The Ladies:


Maid of Honor ~ Sonia Jarboe is Nicole’s youngest sister. She currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her cat Zaha and her not-quite-a-fiancé, Joe Schultz.  She works there as an architect and loves it!  When she and Joe are not working, running or training for marathons they have a new project to eat up their time and money!  Sonia and Joe recently braved the housing crisis and bought a home of their own. When it came time to choose Bridesmaids, Nicole’s sisters were her first and only choice, which leads to…


Matron of Honor ~ Kimberley Jarboe Fund  is the middle of the Jarboe sisters, younger than Nicole but older than Sonia. She lives in Topeka and works for Jardine Middle School as a Special Education Teacher.  She is also a Mary Kay Consultant. She married Jeff Fund nearly five years ago in the backyard -- so Vern and Brenda have been through this before!  Kim and Jeff now have a darling 3 year old daughter Cassandra and adorable twin sons, Nathaniel and Gabriel, born in late March.

The Gents:

BretBest Man ~ Bret Turner was Brian's immediate choice.  They have been friends since high school and hold many interests in common.  Together, they ran the comic book store "Alternate Realities" until its demise in 1989.  Bret is a local artist and is currently employed as the receiving manager at Price Chopper in North Topeka.  He lives in Topeka with his cat, Spence. 


JoeGroomsman ~ Joseph Schultz is Nicole and Brian's future brother-in-law  . . . that is if Sonia ever decides to get married!   It's surprising they aren't engaged yet, but then again maybe it's too soon . . . they've only been together 9 years!  Joe is also an architect and is with a firm that plans to relocate to the District this spring.  When choosing a groomsman, Joe was the obvious choice.  Brian and Joe hit it off the first time they met due to an affinity for comic books . . .besides, he is ALMOST family.


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