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Things You May (or may not) Want to KnowCasablanca

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  • How did they meet?  Online

  • When did they meet?  July, 2003

  • When did they first feast their eyes on each other?  August 7, 2004

  • Where did they first gaze into each other's eyes?  Classic Bean Fairlawn Plaza

  • What did they immediately discover they had in common?  Their passion for classic film, science fiction literature and CHOCOLATE

  • What was the first movie they watched together? "7th Voyage of Sinbad"

  • Where were they when they watched it? He was at his apartment, she was at her house --  they were chatting online as they watched it together

  • What was their first real date? Brian went to Nicole's house to watch "Universal Monster Movies" on Halloween, 2004

  • What are their favorite movies?    Nicole:  "Bringing Up Baby" and "The Philadelphia Story"  ~  Brian:  "Casablanca" and "Maltese Falcon"

  • Who are their favorite actors?  Nicole:  Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant ~  Brian: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren BacallBringing Up Baby

  • What is their favorite Oscar night tradition?  Watching the Academy Awards with a fresh batch of Nicole's Fudge Brownies within arm's reach

  • What are their favorite quotes?  Nicole: "Time spent with cats is never wasted."  Colette  ~   Brian: "The stuff that dreams are made of. . ."  Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade in "Maltese Falcon"

  • Where did they first go out to dinner? Annie's Place

  • What is their favorite local restaurant?  Chez Yasu

  • What is Nicole's favorite color? Any color, as long as it's purple

  • What is Brian's signature color? Red

  • What does Brian call Nicole? Kitten

  • What does Nicole call Brian? Mr. Bear

  • Philidelphia StoryWhat are their favorite pastimes?  Watching movies and cooking, but not necessarily in that order nor at the same time  

  • What are their favorite TV stations?  Turner Classic Movies and Foodnetwork

  • What is their favorite soundtrack?  "Lord of the Rings"

  • What is their favorite song?  "Storybook Love" from "Princess Bride"

  • Who is their favorite TV chef?  Alton Brown

  • What is their favorite website (other than this one)?  Internet Movie Database --  they wouldn't watch a movie without it

  • What did Nicole have that Brian couldn't live without (now)?  Six cats

  • What are their cats' names?  Niko Apollo ('Pollo), Ares, Princess Atalanta (Attie), Adonis the Fluffy (Donnie), Agamemnon (Memmie) and Ajax ('Jax)

  • Where do they come up with these names?  Names starting with "A" in Greek Mythology

  • Where are they planning to honeymoon?  Steamboat Springs, Colorado, of course!Maltese Falcon

  • How did Brian propose?  Online post to a chat group

  • When did Brian Propose?  May 28, 2006

  • What stone did Nicole want in her engagement ring?  An amethyst, of course

  • What is "The Fable of Nicole's Engagement Ring"?  Click here to find out

  • What is the theme of the wedding?  Oscar Night

  • What will Nicole wear for her "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?" Something old is her maternal great-grandmother Ottman's wedding ring, something new is a pair of pearl earrings, something borrowed is her maternal great-grandmother Gilbert's cameo currently in the possession of her mother and something blue is a garter

  • What is the proper attire for guests at a Black tie optional   wedding? (click on link for guidelines)

  • Where do we  park?  A mowed field through the opened gate at the south end of the street will be provided for parking.

  • How long until the wedding?  Click here to find out

  • What does Nicole's wedding dress look like?  Click here to find out 


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