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The Fable of

Nicole's Engagement Ring

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Ring Ring in the box

Frog PrinceOnce upon a time, when the season was ripe for Brian the Wise to wed he was very sure of one thing, for he was a noble man – he must seek the help of his intended in the search for "her perfect ring".  Wise beyond his years Brian knew his beloved, Nicole the Knowing, as always, would know exactly what she wanted.  And she did.

Hand in hand, the newly betrothed couple embarked upon the first of life's many happy adventures that bless those who are fortunate enough to fall in love in Topeka, Kansas:  They headed to West Ridge Mall. 

They visited every jewelry store in the mall with just one simple request:  "Do you have an amethyst solitaire ring?"  Time after time came the reply, "Amethyst? Uhm, no.  We don't have any amethyst solitaires, but we have something much better.  We have beautiful diamond solitaires. Let me show you. . . ."  But Nicole the Knowing was steadfast  in her quest and not to be deterred.  Unfortunately, not one jeweler offered to help the downtrodden couple  find the ring of her dreams.   

Resolved to find her long awaited treasure Nicole the Knowing and Brian the Wise persisted to no avail until a couple days later when she heard of a small jeweler in quite a different mall.  She excitedly told Brian the Wise of her discovery. So hand in hand they once again embarked upon their quest, but this time in a different direction.  Headed east seeking that special purple promise of marriage they both so desperately desired they came upon White Lakes Mall.  Shortly upon entering they were met by Doug the Jeweler one of the owners of Calhoun’s Jewelers .  Summoning all the courage between them they poured forth with their simple request:   "Do you have an amethyst solitaire ring?"  

"No, I don't," he replied, "but let me understand exactly what it is you seek."  He proceeded to ask the hopeful couple a few questions and quickly conjured up a plan:   He would order in a selection of the finest amethyst stones in the land from which Nicole the Knowing and Brian the Wise would choose.  He would also bring in an array of worthy settings so they could select the mounting destined for the honor of holding the long sought gem.

Within a few short weeks the fourth digit of the left hand of Nicole the Knowing was adorned with "her perfect ring" -- royal purple amethyst held high in a kite-set mounting.

Needless to say, the blissful couple was very, very pleased that their first of life's many happy adventures rendered them such good fortune.

They were so pleased, in fact, Calhoun’s has become “their” jeweler, and Doug the Jeweler is now busy designing a wedding ring for Nicole the Knowing .  He meets with them after hours and devotes untold time and attention to detail to ensure that it, too, is the ring of their dreams.  And on a special day in the not so distant future Brian the Wise will lovingly place it on the fourth digit of the left hand of Nicole the Knowing with hopes of living happily ever after.

The Beginning 

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